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The Cookie School Story

"Baking is the new Quilting Bee"

Dr. Gowan - The Cookie Professor

Michelle is a retired teacher who has created decorated sugar cookies for decades. She finds great joy in the art of baking, especially with her girlfriends. Their grandmothers attended to domestic tasks in a social setting when they used to go to a friend' s house to help her make quilts for keeping her family warm in winter. They have come a long way since Quilting Bees but if she has a bad day, a little butter and sugar therapy with a girlfriend is all she needs. As she approached teacher retirement, everyone expected her to bake cookies full time. While Michelle could have been quite content doing that, she began to worry that she was never going to get to tell anyone anything ever again. When her passion for baking collided with her desire for teaching others to make their own sugar art, The Cookie School was born. Welcome to the virtual kitchen. Bring your coffee, dream up a design, grab a rolling pin and let's create!

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