How long will these cookies last in the freezer?

A long time! Often when we are finished rolling out all the cookies we need, we have a bit of dough left over. If you know of an event coming up that you can get a jump on, go ahead and cut and bake them. After cooling, you can store them in a snap-top container in the freezer. They will typically last for months if your husband and children don't find them first. These baked cookies freeze beautifully and can be immediately frosted when you get them out of the freezer because they thaw so quickly. This is my grand plan every year at Christmas. I think I am going to get a jump on Christmas cookies and bake up a couple of recipes each night and take them out and frost them when needed. Yeah,

But What If I'm NOT Artistic?

Neither am I. Fortunately, you don't have to be artistic to create these cookies. If you learned to hold a pencil or a paintbrush, you can learn to hold a frosting bag. If you ever have colored within the lines, you can make these cookies. But just like you transitioned from scribbling to coloring, the learning curve for this craft is short. In fact, I am so convinced that ANYBODY can do it, that I am hosting a friendly competition between police and fire fighters. On October 1, my class will be comprised entirely of heroes more familiar with guns and hoses than rolling pins and mixing bowls. At the end, each team will choose their best cookies to photograph and then everyone can vote! Who w

The teacher is preachin'

Everyone who is a teacher fully understands that it is not a giant leap to preach! Preachin' is just teaching punctuated with passion. Today's sermon is on the concept of free time. I laugh at the notion of FREE time. As if time were actually free. As if every minute of every day of our existence is not planned out well in advance and executed almost robotically as we spend those minutes each day. We plan meals, meetings, vacations, appointments, projects, work, play, social events and rest if there is any time left over. Time is a great equalizer. We all have the same number of minutes in each day; we just spend them differently according to our own desires. I am so ADHD that it has become

Dam frosting

When I was a beginning cookie baker/decorator, there were two consistencies of frosting for every cookie; dam frosting and flood frosting. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the thicker frosting was used to create a dam around the perimeter of the cookie to hold back the thinner, flood frosting. Dam frosting was mixed up as thick as toothpaste and applied to the cookie with a frosting bag. Then you would thin down the "toothpaste" to glue consistency and spoon it into the dam. This left a noticeable ridge around the edge of the cookie indicating where the dam ended and flood started. One problem was, it was easy to get the flood frosting too thin and then a bunch of

I love this thing!

With 17 first cousins, guess who ended up with this treasure that I am convinced, made my Grandmother one of the finest bakers in the world? Yep. Me. I can romanticize about how many times she produced biscuits for her family by cranking that little wooden handle during the Great Depression. When flour got easier to come by, she began making a lemon chess cake that could make you hurt yourself, and don't even get me started on her fried pies. But, I digress. That sifter was such a treasure to me that I continued to use it for years after I started baking until the weathered, dried and cracked little red wooden knob broke all the way off and I was still spinning the sharp end of a metal spoke

The Struggle is REAL

If the struggle that is ADHD is not yours, I offer you a frame of reference for your own gratitude. Tonight I ran in to Kroger to pick up just a couple of things and I was accompanied by Caroline. She insisted on her own hand basket to carry around the store. She was carrying her wallet and my keys, since she had to return to the car for something she forgot. As I was getting ready to check out, she gasped, panicked and pursued all manner of drama indicating that she had put down her basket some time ago and it contained her wallet (with her cell phone) and MY KEYS! We rushed all over the store retracing our steps looking for the wallet and keys. A number of employees tried to help us but th

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