Lessons I learned at the Post Office

It is a good thing I am a lifelong learner! The same day I defended my dissertation, my committee told me, "Congratulations! You can now teach YOURSELF." I shouldn't have taken them so literally. My life plan involved retiring from teaching school and sailing into retirement baking cookies and philosophizing from the porch swing. Well it started innocently enough with rolling out cookies and it grew. It grew exponentially....like a mushroom cloud! Next thing I know I am inviting friends to join with me in my passion for butter and sugar creations and then BOOM! I want my own signature flavor. It was fun! I ordered up enough chemicals to land me on the FBI watch list and began blending flavor

All Cookie Cutters Are Not Created Equal

The addiction begins with the vision for a beautifully crafted cookie and one stinkin adorable cookie cutter. That works out so well, you pick up five more because they are on sale at Michaels's. Then Amazon runs a set of 100 on the Deal of the Day and the next thing you know, you have enough cookie cutters to fill a bathtub. Some are metal, some are plastic and some are custom made with filament from a 3D printer. You have some that are your obvious favorites, either because they make such a clean cut or they are easy to use or make such an adorable cookie. Then there are those that make you say ugly words. The most frustrating cookie cutter is usually one that has small appendages where do

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