The Great Debate on Glitter

I have told you before that Pinterest is not your friend. Styled food photo shoots are so trendy and popular because we love to look at them. Enough caramel dripping down the side of the cup or one more pearl of condensation on the iced beverage or the way the light dances on the ripe, heart shaped strawberry can sometimes make us stop what we are doing and plan a whole party around that vision. Bakers especially fight the Pinterest inspired battle regularly as someone is so moved by a creative impulse to serve a shiny, glittery cookie, cake or cupcake at their special event that they don't want to hear what you have to tell them about glitter not being food. As unpopular as it is to acknowl

Happily Ever After

When I started on this journey of concocting a signature flavor, I had a certain blend in mind. I will admit it is just a little bit exciting to have every flavor you like sitting on your counter and adding a drop of this and a drop of that and then baking with it until you have a winner. One thing I thought I knew was that creamy flavors (like butter and caramel) do not compliment citrus-y (lemon or orange) or strong flavors (mint). So, I immediately eliminated those contenders. However, in the past few weeks, my family has been involved in preparing for a wedding of my niece causing me to need to blend once again. The bride wanted Cookie Nip cupcakes instead of cake and she thought it wou

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