Rough Around the Edges

No matter how carefully we roll and cut and bake, at some point we will get a cookie that is a little rough around the edges. Sometimes it is caused by a cookie cutter, sometimes by spreading when our butter is a bit too soft and sometimes there is no reason why our cookies bake up a little rough around the edges. Not to worry. You can always fix it. I find that whenever I use a plastic or 3D printed cutter, I get a little rougher edge than when I use a metal cutter. After freezing the cuts, I prefer to brush off the edges with my fingers before baking. I usually tell students that you can totally bake the cookie without cleaning the edges but you will likely have to deal with crumbs after

The Struggle is REAL

Those of us who bake cookies probably have a good mixer with a sturdy engine. Many of us have KitchenAid mixers. The KitchenAid comes in three different models, the Classic (small) the Artisan (medium) and the Professional (macDaddy).There is something to love about all three and which one you want is probably attributed to how much time you spend baking. I have owned all three so people often ask me which one I like best. My personal preference is the mid-range mixer, the Artisan, because after its strength and power, my favorite thing about it is that the head tilts back. All three models come with a paddle, a dough hook and a whisk attachment. If you have the macDaddy, you can stop readin

The THINGS You Learn at Cookie School!

So last weekend I was at Cookie School with a guest from Pittsburg. She was very friendly but we all could immediately tell by her accent that she wasn't from around here. She told us that she wanted to be able to make cookies for "The Cookie Table" at wedding receptions. I was immediately suspicious because I have been to a whole lot of weddings and I have never seen a table dedicated to cookies. I explained the significance of the wedding cake and how it features prominently at wedding receptions here in the south. Ultimately she got me all off track because if there is such a thing as a COOKIE TABLE, I certainly need to know about it. I googled it right there in class. Y'all. It is TOTALL

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