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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does class cost?

The beginner class costs $100 and the Grad School class is $125

What is included for my class fee?

Each student receives a pan, a dozen cookies that he or she baked and decorated, recipes, methods, tips, tricks, and six hours of fun in the kitchen with new friends and the discovery of your whole tribe of bakers.

How long does is the class?

Each class is six hours long. This is not just a decorating class. You will learn to mix, roll, cut, bake, make the frosting, and decorate cookies. 

Do I need to bring my own supplies?

All you need to bring to class is your lunch and an apron. Everything else will be provided. Most instructors offer to sell the supplies that you need to be able to do your homework. There is no obligation to purchase anything. Additionally, all of the supplies used to create these cookies are available here in the online store. 

Where can I find a schedule of classes?

The best place to find open classes is on The Cookie School Facebook page. If you want a particular instructor, you should send him or her a message to inquire about open dates. If you want to see who is available near you, click here.

How can I schedule a class for my group of friends? 

Start by finding an instructor. Most instructors will travel to you and bake with your friends in your kitchen if you request it.

How many classes are there?

There are two basic classes. The first class is the beginner class. There are no prerequisites for this class. After the beginner class, you will do your homework (bake and decorate three recipes of cookies). If you complete your homework and post your pictures on The Cookie School Facebook page, you are eligible for GRAD school, where you will learn to decorate multi-step "gift" cookies and petit fours.

How do I get a PhD?

If you want to teach others how to bake and decorate cookies using the Cookie School recipes and methods, please join our team! After each Grad School class that Michelle offers, there is an opportunity for getting your PhD. It takes about two hours and involves a licensing agreement, curriculum, how to set up your classes, where to get supplies, and inclusion in a wonderfully helpful network of Cookie School instructors in a private Facebook forum. 

What is Cookie Nip and where can I buy it?

Cookie Nip is the signature flavor of The Cookie School. It is a butter sweet blend of vanilla bean and salted caramel. It is used in The Cookie School recipes for cookies and petit fours. It can be substituted teaspoon for teaspoon in any recipe calling for vanilla extract. It is delicious in cookies, cakes, frosting, fondant, candy, pralines, coffee, ice cream, cheesecake, and whipped cream.  You can purchase this unique flavoring from the online store here, Amazon, or If It's Paper in Ingleside Village in Macon, Georgia.

You can also pick it up from any Cookie School instructor. 

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