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How can I make my cookies a uniform thickness?

The Cookie School rolling sticks

Most rolled cookie recipes tell you to roll your dough out to 1/8" thick. So, when bakers are in my beginner class, I ask them how many of them got out their rulers and measured their dough. (And much like the dentist when he asks if you floss twice a day, I already know the answer!) Nobody. Life would be better if everything was measurable and quantifiable and when I DO measure, it is not cookie dough. Ain't nobody got time for that! Still, I want uniform thickness of all my cookies. Some rolling pins come with removable disks of varying thicknesses that are supposed to help you roll out dough evenly. I have found that those rings just cause me to say ugly words and I have thrown them all away. What I have found that works for me is rolling sticks! These are two uniform pieces of 1/8" wood trim that are cut the same length as my countertops. If I roll out my dough between them putting pressure where the sticks are, every single cookie will be exactly the same thickness. No more getting some too thin, some too thick and some too brown while others aren't done in the middle. These little sticks have worked for me for decades and it is a cheap, easy solution. When beginners first start rolling out dough using the rolling sticks, the complain that the sticks move under the parchment. They don't for me, but I go ahead and tape them down to the granite for beginners because they are just getting used to the rolling sticks as a guide. Where do you get rolling sticks? From the Cookie School, of course.

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