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The Struggle is REAL

If the struggle that is ADHD is not yours, I offer you a frame of reference for your own gratitude. Tonight I ran in to Kroger to pick up just a couple of things and I was accompanied by Caroline. She insisted on her own hand basket to carry around the store. She was carrying her wallet and my keys, since she had to return to the car for something she forgot. As I was getting ready to check out, she gasped, panicked and pursued all manner of drama indicating that she had put down her basket some time ago and it contained her wallet (with her cell phone) and MY KEYS! We rushed all over the store retracing our steps looking for the wallet and keys. A number of employees tried to help us but they told us usually when this happens, someone just turns them in to customer service. But, not today. We went back to the produce section, we perused the Halloween decoration aisle, we returned to cereal and frozen foods, getting distracted at every location. The keys were long gone. After about a half hour, I gave up and called David at the Boy Scout camp because I did not have a sleeping bag and I did not intend to live forevermore in Kroger. All the while we continued looking for the wallet and keys. Do you have any idea how BIG Kroger is in relation to a set of keys? We tried calling the cell phone but "of course it is on silent! Do you think I am the kind of student who will get her phone taken up when it accidentally goes off in class?" At about the one hour mark, a kindly Kroger manager approached us holding the Vera Bradley wallet and MY KEYS. He found them on aisle 5, next to the coconut candles. Caroline demonstrated exuberant gratitude which kind of caught the helpful Kroger manager off guard. During this ordeal where we are frantically searching for something and hoping to find it before someone disreputable does, I am followed on my heels with some of these statements.

" Now the math test isn't the worst thing that happened today."

"Look on the bright side; your car is still in the parking lot so you can be thankful that nobody found your keys and stole your car."

"I think we have run about four miles through this store so just go ahead and count this as a workout."

"Do you think we should just buy that candle that smells like coconut lemongrass since we are so thankful for them finding your keys?

"Just think, maybe next week this will become funny."

"That Kroger manager kinda acted like nobody had kissed him like that before. I guess some people just don't know how to act grateful."

"This is going to end up on facebook, isn't it?"

The struggle is real, I'm telling you.

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